Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Monster High Ghoul Spirit Slo Mo, review

after a nearly 10 month search, I finally have a SloMo!

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The Bottom Line:

The Good: finally a SloMo doll!

The Bad: very difficult to find, no stand

The Verdict: any collector of Monster High will need SloMo, unfortunately this release is difficult to find. a similar, if somewhat cheaper looking version, is included in a new Target exclusive 5 pack which includes new character Gilda Goldstag, and may ultimately be easier to find.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

slo-mo! plus walmart shopping report

hubby wanted to make a quick run to walmart on our way to pick up pizza for dinner. while he looked for what he wanted, I went to the doll aisle, and was super thrilled to see even more new stuff.

front and center was the new Barbie Style Raquelle doll that I had been stalking for online (the one with the gold jacket, shorts, and boots). she was the only one in I saw, and I checked to see if they had the previous waves Raquelle with the red jacket, but no luck.

but I think I like the new Raquelle better than that one anyway, so I was thrilled to see her, and I quickly tucked her under my arm. side note: not really a fan of the Barbie Style boxes. they are bulky and weirdly shaped. they do have a nice big window for displaying the doll through, but I plan on opening her up later anyways.

a few paces down I hit the Monster High section. as a well practiced systematic stalker, I started at the very top and worked my way down. behind a couple of randomly tossed things I saw a lone Ghoul Spirit Slo Mo and just about died of shock. I still can't believe I actually found him and keep looking at the box to convince myself he's real.

Raquelle and Slo Mo were the only two dolls I bought, but I also saw some other new things:

  • Monster High Pack of Trouble Wolf family 4 pack. cute idea, but some of the fashions look a little weird to me. plus I already own at least one of every character, so I can't justify it right now.
  • more of the Inner Monster packs
  • a stack of the Freaky Fusion new characters
  • Ever After High Hat-Tastic giftset with Maddie Hatter, and the single dolls for Cerise and Apple. was disappointed in Cerise's make-up choices
  • Thronecoming giftset with Briar, and the single dolls for Blondie and Apple. I really liked the Blondie. thinking about picking her up instead of her basic version
  • the O'Hair sisters giftset. they are cute, but are going to have to wait. I've seen a lot of variations on eye placement for these gals in online pictures, so if you are picky like I am it pays to look. the set I found in store had very low eyes, which I didn't really care for the look of, so I'll be keeping an eye out (pun not intended) for other sets now that I know they've hit the stores.

still no second wave of the New Scaremester dolls. also, I noticed that the Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse dolls were gone, so I guess I better go ahead and buy the rest of the set soon. doesn't look like they're going to keep them around for a second christmas, which is a shame because it really seemed like they were selling well.