Saturday, August 2, 2014

Toys R Us shopping report

made my semi-annual exodus to Toys R Us today. my original intention was to exchange my Headmistress doll, which I did, but of course I had to scope out the new merch as well. they were actually quite well stocked, and had a number of new things in stock even. below is a list, with my added commentary.

Monster High:

  • Freaky Fusion: I know I saw Avea Trotter (I bought her!) and I think I might have seen Bonita Femur as well
  • Secret Creepers/Critters/whatever: saw some of the pet things, and the play set
  • I *heart* Fasion Scarah was in stock for the first time I've seen, even though she's been out a while
  • Picnic Casket for Two: meh.
  • Mansters two pack: cute set, but I already have a Gil and two Deuce's

Ever After High

  • Thronecoming: individual dolls, and Briar Beauty playset
  • Legacy Day, wave 2: Ashlynn, probably the others, but I didn't dig because I'm trying to only collect the basic issues, and I find the Maddie and Cerise really tempting

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