Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Jane Boolittle, boxliner and instructions

while deboxing my Jane Boolittle, I had to admire the unique boxliner they made for her.

the background image makes it look like Jane is out exploring, walking through creepy skull caves and over rickety suspension bridges. I really like how they gave it a bit of a 3D effect by adding the extra bit of cardboard to be the end of the bridge she was currently crossing.

due to her gimmick, Jane also came with a unique set of instructions, showing that there are slips of paper inside her purse.

they also show that she can wear her pet like a backpack, and that the slit in his back is for putting the little slips of paper into. her walking-stick is apparently also a marker for writing on the paper slips.

working on her review right now. look for it tomorrow.

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