Saturday, January 11, 2014

awesome doll deal

hubby and I needed a few things so we made a quick run to the store. after yesterday's disappointing doll expedition at walmart, I decided to take a peek at what this store had to offer.

sadly this stores pitiful toy section was much better stocked than walmarts. I noticed they had a pretty good selection of the most recent Dead Tired dolls, so I poked through them. in the back was one wave 2 Clawdeen. I've been on the lookout for her since she came out, hoping to find her for less than $10. since I didn't see the correct sticker on the shelf, I told hubby to wait while I ran around the corner to the price scanner.

original price $12.99 which I was expecting. then below it said "now $3.25" and my jaw dropped. I grabbed hubby and scanned it again so he could verify what I was reading. he confirmed it said $3.25 but I was still skeptical. so when we checked out I watched it ring up. still $3.25. I am thrilled to have gotten such a great deal! kind of makes me want to go back and scan a bunch of other dolls to see what else is on super sale.


  1. There is no better feeling than getting a doll in the super sale. I bought Frankie Stein for £5 the other year.

    1. I agree. sounds like you got a great deal too!