Tuesday, November 18, 2014

big foot and loch ness monster on sale at amazon!

checked to see if the new South American BigFoot and Loch Ness Monster dolls were listed on amazon, and found they were available at retail price already. here are the links for those who are interested.

Monster High Monster Exchange Program Marisol Coxi Doll

Monster High Monster Exchange Program Lorna McNessie Doll

super stoked. these are two monsters I've been waiting for, for a long time. will try to get reviews up for them asap after I receive them.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Monster High Ghoul Spirit Slo Mo, review

after a nearly 10 month search, I finally have a SloMo!

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The Bottom Line:

The Good: finally a SloMo doll!

The Bad: very difficult to find, no stand

The Verdict: any collector of Monster High will need SloMo, unfortunately this release is difficult to find. a similar, if somewhat cheaper looking version, is included in a new Target exclusive 5 pack which includes new character Gilda Goldstag, and may ultimately be easier to find.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

slo-mo! plus walmart shopping report

hubby wanted to make a quick run to walmart on our way to pick up pizza for dinner. while he looked for what he wanted, I went to the doll aisle, and was super thrilled to see even more new stuff.

front and center was the new Barbie Style Raquelle doll that I had been stalking for online (the one with the gold jacket, shorts, and boots). she was the only one in I saw, and I checked to see if they had the previous waves Raquelle with the red jacket, but no luck.

but I think I like the new Raquelle better than that one anyway, so I was thrilled to see her, and I quickly tucked her under my arm. side note: not really a fan of the Barbie Style boxes. they are bulky and weirdly shaped. they do have a nice big window for displaying the doll through, but I plan on opening her up later anyways.

a few paces down I hit the Monster High section. as a well practiced systematic stalker, I started at the very top and worked my way down. behind a couple of randomly tossed things I saw a lone Ghoul Spirit Slo Mo and just about died of shock. I still can't believe I actually found him and keep looking at the box to convince myself he's real.

Raquelle and Slo Mo were the only two dolls I bought, but I also saw some other new things:

  • Monster High Pack of Trouble Wolf family 4 pack. cute idea, but some of the fashions look a little weird to me. plus I already own at least one of every character, so I can't justify it right now.
  • more of the Inner Monster packs
  • a stack of the Freaky Fusion new characters
  • Ever After High Hat-Tastic giftset with Maddie Hatter, and the single dolls for Cerise and Apple. was disappointed in Cerise's make-up choices
  • Thronecoming giftset with Briar, and the single dolls for Blondie and Apple. I really liked the Blondie. thinking about picking her up instead of her basic version
  • the O'Hair sisters giftset. they are cute, but are going to have to wait. I've seen a lot of variations on eye placement for these gals in online pictures, so if you are picky like I am it pays to look. the set I found in store had very low eyes, which I didn't really care for the look of, so I'll be keeping an eye out (pun not intended) for other sets now that I know they've hit the stores.

still no second wave of the New Scaremester dolls. also, I noticed that the Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse dolls were gone, so I guess I better go ahead and buy the rest of the set soon. doesn't look like they're going to keep them around for a second christmas, which is a shame because it really seemed like they were selling well.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

walmart shopping report

looks like my walmart is finally getting some of the new stuff...

hopefully wave 2 of new scaremester will be in soon, and also the new coffin bean dolls.

Friday, August 8, 2014

InvisiBilly, in box review

ever since the April Fool's joke of 2012, InvisiBilly has been highly anticipated. finally, he's here....

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The Bottom Line:

The Good: new (boy!) character

The Bad: difficult to find

The Verdict: I'm happy that Mattel has made a return back to classic movie monsters with InvisiBilly. If you are a fan of the old monster movies he might be a good addition to your collection. but besides that, he just looks cool, and is one of the few guys who has actual hair.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Avea Trotter, Monster High Freaky Fusion review

finally made it down to the local TRU to exchange my Headmistress doll this weekend and found this lovely Avea Trotter mixed in. since their price was actually the same as amazon's I went ahead and picked her up. I've been waiting for a centaur to join Monster High for a while.

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The Bottom Line:

The Good: new character, and it's a centaur!

The Bad: currently a little difficult to find

The Verdict: this will probably be the only version of Avea Trotter we see for a while, so if you are interested in her, I recommend picking her up. she's a lovely doll and has a lot of nice details.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Toys R Us shopping report

made my semi-annual exodus to Toys R Us today. my original intention was to exchange my Headmistress doll, which I did, but of course I had to scope out the new merch as well. they were actually quite well stocked, and had a number of new things in stock even. below is a list, with my added commentary.

Monster High:

  • Freaky Fusion: I know I saw Avea Trotter (I bought her!) and I think I might have seen Bonita Femur as well
  • Secret Creepers/Critters/whatever: saw some of the pet things, and the play set
  • I *heart* Fasion Scarah was in stock for the first time I've seen, even though she's been out a while
  • Picnic Casket for Two: meh.
  • Mansters two pack: cute set, but I already have a Gil and two Deuce's

Ever After High

  • Thronecoming: individual dolls, and Briar Beauty playset
  • Legacy Day, wave 2: Ashlynn, probably the others, but I didn't dig because I'm trying to only collect the basic issues, and I find the Maddie and Cerise really tempting

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Ever After High Dexter Charming, review

one of my favorite characters in the Ever After High web series is Dexter Charming. as a somewhat geeky, but very socially awkward person, I kind of identify him as a kindred spirit.

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The Bottom Line:

The Good: nice doll, reasonable adaptation of the character

The Bad: might be hard to find, no paint on backpack

The Verdict: Dexter Charming is a popular character, and a boy, and is likely to end up being hard to find. I was lucky enough to be browsing amazon during the brief moment he was available one day. so far I've really been enjoying him, so I recommend a buy.