Monday, December 2, 2013

cyber monday at amazon

been checking out the deals available today, and I found a few that seemed pretty good to me...

currently you can save up to 50% off Barbies. this is just for select items, but the digital dress barbies are 50% off, talking dreamhouse barbies are 40% off, 30% off salon dolls, 25% off holiday barbie, and a bunch of other stuff. there is even a silkstone for sale on that page.

also you can save up to 35% of Monster High. again, this is select items only, but there are some pretty good deals. of particular note is 50% off Skelita Calaveras (my review of her here), and 40% off Picture Day Operetta. I did buy this Operetta a few weeks ago, but she came with the heart mask, not the spiderweb mask.

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