Thursday, September 26, 2013


i was really impressed with my walmart today. we made a quick run while having the tires rotated, and as we approached the toy section i saw they had monster high set up on one of the endcaps of the smaller front shelves. but actually it was all 4 sides of the shelf. i figured that they just moved the monster high section to there to make it more visible. but this was new in addition to the endcap on the main doll shelf, and the small section in the barbie aisle.

  • several cases of picture day wave 1 (Abbey, Cleo, Draculaura, Spectra)
  • dot dead goregous (mostly Lagoonas)
  • Scaris (mostly Clawdeens)
  • music festival
  • a few dance class
  • lots of Abbey ice beds and Frankie vanities
  • ghouls night out (seemed like mostly Spectras)
  • color me creepy lab
  • 13 wishes (all dolls except Gigi)
  • haunt the casbah, including exclusive Abbey!
  • exclusive diener with Draculaura and Operetta

those are the things that i can remember offhand. will update if i remember more.

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