Saturday, September 28, 2013

kroger? really?

we were invited to a relatives house for a cookout tonight and apparently my guacamole was specifically requested, so i had to run to the store for avocadoes. i learned my lesson about the walmart avocadoes last time, so to the super kroger i went.

i'm still not acustomed to toy shopping at a grocery store, but i saw a pallet of boxes in the toy section and went to check it out. even though their toy section is pretty small, they had a decent selection of monster high... including the new classroom 2-packs. and since they had apparently just been put out, there were still Heath/Abbey sets there, so i was finally able to get a not wonky-eyed Abbey!

they also had bunches of catty noir. it is also the first place i have seen not 13 wishes basic dolls in months. there were 3x lagoona wave 2, 2x venus, and at least 1 each of robecca and rochelle. are these still shipping? i hope so. mattel should really keep the nontheme basic dolls out longer.

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