Thursday, September 5, 2013

finally Twyla

when the case assortment list for 13 Wishes came out, it looked as though Lagoona was going to be the hardest to find as she was to be 1 in 6 in wave 1 and not in wave 2 at all, and Twyla would be the easiest since she got 3 of the 6 slots in the first wave, and 2 of 6 in the second wave.

this has not been my experience at all. since i started my weekly walmart runs a few weeks ago, I have seen Lagoona every time, but today is the first time i've seen Twyla. there were 3 of her out, so they must have just opened a fresh wave 1 case.

i'm not really sure why she's so scarce with her production numbers, but it looks like Mattel made a good call in uping her production.

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