Monday, September 30, 2013

box liners from the Lab Partners giftsets

I like when Mattel puts a little extra effort into making the packaging look nice. it's nice to see that they care about the presentation of their products. the Lab Partners sets have particularly nice box liners.

the Mad Science Cleo/Ghoulia box liner looks like a science classroom. between the two dolls is a little popup table that their chemistry apparati were attached to. there is a chalkboard with physics equations and a drawing of a frog behind Ghoulia, and a coffin shaped shelf behind Cleo with various chemistry items on it.

the Home Ick Heath/Abbey box liner looks like what I presume a Home Ec classroom would look like. between the too dolls is another popup table. behind Heath is a bigger coffin shaped shelf with dirty dishes and half-made foods. behind Abbey is a bone utensil rack and two straight shelves with ingredients on them.

one extra neat detail for the Heath/Abbey box liner is that the table isn't just a table. there is actually a sink with dripping faucet on it, and a spill of whatever was in their mixing bowl accessory on the counter.

I know these details aren't necessary, especially in a children's toy where the box probably ends up discarded, but they certainly are appreciated!

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