Monday, September 30, 2013

box liners from the Lab Partners giftsets

I like when Mattel puts a little extra effort into making the packaging look nice. it's nice to see that they care about the presentation of their products. the Lab Partners sets have particularly nice box liners.

the Mad Science Cleo/Ghoulia box liner looks like a science classroom. between the two dolls is a little popup table that their chemistry apparati were attached to. there is a chalkboard with physics equations and a drawing of a frog behind Ghoulia, and a coffin shaped shelf behind Cleo with various chemistry items on it.

the Home Ick Heath/Abbey box liner looks like what I presume a Home Ec classroom would look like. between the too dolls is another popup table. behind Heath is a bigger coffin shaped shelf with dirty dishes and half-made foods. behind Abbey is a bone utensil rack and two straight shelves with ingredients on them.

one extra neat detail for the Heath/Abbey box liner is that the table isn't just a table. there is actually a sink with dripping faucet on it, and a spill of whatever was in their mixing bowl accessory on the counter.

I know these details aren't necessary, especially in a children's toy where the box probably ends up discarded, but they certainly are appreciated!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Monster High Home Ick Lab Partners Abbey Bominable and Heath Burns, review

one of the most anticipated Monster High items of the year, Home Ick Abbey & Heath, is also a personal favorite of mine.

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The Bottom Line:

The Good: finally a Heath Burns doll! beautiful Abbey, neat accessories

The Bad: some small parts, difficult to find

The Verdict: Home Ick Abbey & Heath is a wonderful set, and has been really difficult to find in stores. your best bet is online. this is likely to be the only release we see of Heath for a while, so you are going to want this set. and with everything that's included, I doubt you'll be disappointed with it.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

kroger? really?

we were invited to a relatives house for a cookout tonight and apparently my guacamole was specifically requested, so i had to run to the store for avocadoes. i learned my lesson about the walmart avocadoes last time, so to the super kroger i went.

i'm still not acustomed to toy shopping at a grocery store, but i saw a pallet of boxes in the toy section and went to check it out. even though their toy section is pretty small, they had a decent selection of monster high... including the new classroom 2-packs. and since they had apparently just been put out, there were still Heath/Abbey sets there, so i was finally able to get a not wonky-eyed Abbey!

they also had bunches of catty noir. it is also the first place i have seen not 13 wishes basic dolls in months. there were 3x lagoona wave 2, 2x venus, and at least 1 each of robecca and rochelle. are these still shipping? i hope so. mattel should really keep the nontheme basic dolls out longer.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Wonk-eyed Gigi

I have had reasonable luck ordering from Amazon in the past, but my Gigi Grant just arrived and her right eye (the left portion of the image) is smeared.

the above image shows how she appears in her box. as you can see her eye looks like it escaped from a Salvadore Dali painting. below I mirrored her good eye to show what she would look like with properly painted eyes (minus my bad photo editing skills).

finally I traced the mirrored good eye and layered it over the image of the actual doll to show the difference in placement.

as you can guess, my ocd is twitching. I guess I'm stuck waiting until she finally hits stores in my area to hand pick a better one to swap her with.

Thursday, September 26, 2013


i was really impressed with my walmart today. we made a quick run while having the tires rotated, and as we approached the toy section i saw they had monster high set up on one of the endcaps of the smaller front shelves. but actually it was all 4 sides of the shelf. i figured that they just moved the monster high section to there to make it more visible. but this was new in addition to the endcap on the main doll shelf, and the small section in the barbie aisle.

  • several cases of picture day wave 1 (Abbey, Cleo, Draculaura, Spectra)
  • dot dead goregous (mostly Lagoonas)
  • Scaris (mostly Clawdeens)
  • music festival
  • a few dance class
  • lots of Abbey ice beds and Frankie vanities
  • ghouls night out (seemed like mostly Spectras)
  • color me creepy lab
  • 13 wishes (all dolls except Gigi)
  • haunt the casbah, including exclusive Abbey!
  • exclusive diener with Draculaura and Operetta

those are the things that i can remember offhand. will update if i remember more.

Friday, September 13, 2013

say goodnight Shiver

here is Shiver snuggled up in her little bed from Abbey's ice bed set. I like how she still looks surly even though she has a nice comfy bed to sleep in. she is reminding me more and more of my dog...

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Monster High Abbey's Ice Bed, review

Abbey's Ice Bed was something I went back and forth on buying for a while and then had trouble finding in stores. fortunately they seem to be showing up again in preparation for the holidays.

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The Bottom Line:

The Good: cute accessories, well themed for Abbey

The Bad: trees will not stay on, smallish parts

The Verdict: if you enjoy playing with or displaying you dolls out of box, Abbey's Ice Bed would be a fun addition to your collection. if you are at all interested in this set, I advise you buy it soon, as I don't expect it will be available after the holidays.