Friday, August 30, 2013

Chemistry lab: mini photo story

Ghoulia (in zombie): *um, ghouls? what are you doing>*

Lagoona (thinking): I really wish Gil's parents would like me...

Cleo: adding this elixir to the mealworm reduction.

Ghoulia (in zombie): *you need to measure that first!*

I used the counter top from my I Can Be... TV Chef Barbie as their chemistry workstation. Lagoona 2 is my stand-in for Mad Science Lagoona and has stolen her lab coat and Freshwater Lagoona's swim mask to use as safety goggles. the purple jar and all the flasks and the other dolls are from the Lab Partners Cleo and Ghoulia set. the jar of "mealworms" is the specimen jar from Mad Science Lagoona. the "mealworms" themselves are a weird bit of yarn I found in my scraps box. the pot on the burner is also from the TV Chef set, with the Lab Partners chemical plume stuck inside it. Cleo is holding a pink bottle from the TV Chef set, and Ghoulia has the measuring cup from it.