Wednesday, August 28, 2013

amazed by my walmart

the past few weeks I have been making regular stops at walmart. naturally I always check the doll aisle. the previous two times I went there was a cardboard display with Monster High dolls in it, but today it was gone and the dolls had been moved to an endcap.

they have actually been well stocked, which is a shock on it's own, with new stuff. on my first stop I went a little overboard with the buying: 13 wishes Howleen, 13 wishes freshwater Lagoona, and the only danceclass Howleen I have seen in months. I also got the Draculaura/Operetta die-ner exclusive, which I returned on my second trip. I was afraid that it was going to be scarce, but I saw more at each visit, so no regrets on returning it. hopefully it'll go on sale at some point, and I'll probably buy it again if it does, but I need to be selective right now.

the Ghouls' Night Out exclusive 4 pack has been there every time as well. it seems to have totally replaced the Dot Dead Gorgeous exclusive 3 pack. they used to have cases of those, but they've just been gone since the GNO pack showed up. and they haven't been in the clearance section, so I have no idea what happened to them.

there have also been increasing numbers of Cleo/Ghoulia lab partner packs. I bought one the first day, but I will be returning it because the one I bought today has a better paint job on Ghoulia and better sewing on Cleo. I could do with a bit more consistency in the quality on these dolls.

I've been hoping to find a Heath/Abbey home ick pack to swap out with the one I ordered on Amazon. both of the dolls in my current set have wonky eyes. I could live with Heath, because it's not that noticable on him, but Abbey is squinting in one eye, and it makes her whole face look lopsided. I was so excited for this set to come out, so it's been a huge disappointment waiting to find them lockally.

today I was in for yet another huge suprise CATTY NOIR! there was 1 case worth on the shelf. I looked through them, but I didn't buy. while I'm thrilled they finally made a black cat (I'd rather they skipped all the others and made a black one first) but her makeup is to gawdy and I don't like all the pink.

I also saw the new 13 wishes Haunt the Casbah dolls (seen at TRU weeks ago), Spectra dj playset, and Cleo beach playset. I like the dolls in the playsets but I don't want all the other stuff, or the extra cost. actually that's mostly true with the die-ner set as well. additionally the Lagoona's shower and Spectra's bed have appeared. they appear to have completely replaced Frankie's vanity, and Abbey's bed (which I haven't seen in months).

so take heart Monster High hunters. if they're showing up in my tiny town, they should be hitting yours soon.

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