Monday, July 29, 2013

new stuff!

I was lucky enough to snag a Home Ick Abbey & Heath set on amazon last week, and a Music Festival Abbey at Kroger. I still can't believe Kroger has been more reliable for new Monster High dolls than any of my other local stores! FYI: Venus seems to be the most popular in the Music Festival line, with Abbey in a close second, so you should probably grab them when you see them.

I was also able to get the Target exclusive Skull Shores 5 pack finally, and during their sale no less. Super excited about that. it was also really neat to meet a local Monster High fan. a local girl had decided not to buy it, and as her mom put it back I squeed. I thanked the girl profusely.

so hopefully I'll be able to get reviews up for those soon, along with all my long delayed ones. I had intended to work on them while accompanying my hubby on a work trip, but the overseas internet connection and my lack of right-mouse button on my laptop keyboard was too frustrating. anyone have suggestions for a good bluetooth mouse?

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