Thursday, July 25, 2013

Howleen's fashion show

In typical little sister fashion (pun not intended) Howleen has raided big sister Clawdeen's closet. first she borrowed Clawdeen's dress from the Wolf sisters 2 pack. I think the green bodice contrasts nicely with Howleen's orange hair. the dress is also ever so slightly less scandalously short on her than it was on Clawdeen.

next she borrowed Clawdeen's sweater and belt from the second basic Clawdeen. she decided that Operetta's capris looked better than Clawdeen's purple leggings. to accessorize she borrowed big brother Clawd's hat and her only pair of fitting shoes.

finally she decided to try on the dress Draculara forgot after a creepover. honestly, I think Howleen pulls it off better than DLaura does...

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