Saturday, June 15, 2013

mattel's summer product drop

it never rains, but it pours- dolls. mattel has just made its summer product drop it would seem, which means after weeks of gathering dust, my wallet is now going to be hurting. having everything come out all at once is difficult for me, because i have a lot of trouble prioritizing and estimating which items will be the hot sellers. cue whining for the things i missed out on and now cannot afford on the secondary market.

on the barbie front, a new round of dolls of the world are out, as well as the "barbie look" dolls and fashions, university cheerleaders, wizard of oz, and probably more that is escaping my mind right now. i am most interested in the dolls of the world, but i expected to see the articulated cheerleader kens (texas a&m) sell out fast, so i ordered them first. i think i'm trying to use them to plug the hole left by the captain jack sparrow i missed out on and now can't afford.

after ordering the kens i found out that the "life in the dream house" fashionistas are out. although they were on the barbie collector website (where i ordered the kens) i have decided to wait to see if i can get them in stores, since the weird expressions might translate to wonky facepaint application.

i was able to see some of the new monster high dolls at toys'r'us yesterday. usually i avoid tru because their prices are terrible, but i had a 25% off coupon. i went in there with the intention of buying cleo's vanity, since they're the only place that carry it any more. they had more of cleo's vanity stocked than frankie's, and sadly at a much higher price. the coupon brought it down to what i was willing to pay, but still several dollars more than frankie's and the price i saw at walmart so long ago.

tru was surprisingly well stocked with their exclusives- especially the very newly released headmistress bloodgood set. for some reason she just doesn't appeal to me, and for that price i would like to have an articulated horse rather than a repaint of barbie's statue horse.

they also had a couple of cases worth of last year's werecat twins, and at least 1 case of the scaris cleo/lagoona giftset. i looked at the scaris set for a while. i really like cleo, and i like all the shoes, and even lagoona's fashion (but as seperates- i can't do the pink/turquois thing) but lagoona herself is very bland. with all the other things that just dropped, that set is going to be skipped.

at tru i saw a case of the "haunt the casbah" dolls that just came out. they also had a small shelf space labelled for the "deluxe" 13 wishes dolls, but it was empty. seeing the casbah dolls so early after release was a treat, but they don't appeal so i had to pass. if the deluxe dolls had been there, i probably would have left the store broke, so it's probably a good thing they weren't there, because when i got home i saw...

THE NEW CLASSROOM GIFTSETS HAVE BEEN RELEASED!!! unfortunately i keep missing the heath/abbey one that i really want at retail price on amazon but the cleo/ghoulia one is available. i want it too, but the whole priority thing. the music festival dolls have also been released, but they are a few dollars more than the budget dolls usually cost, so i'm going to hold out on them to see if walmart or someplace will have them cheaper.

i need to get all caught up on my reviews before all this new stuff comes in! hopefully i'll be able to get a few posted next week.

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