Friday, May 3, 2013

wherein collecting makes me feel ill again

I've already talked about how stressful collecting has become, and how that is causing me to lose enthusiasm for the hobby. I pretty much took the month of april off from collecting. I did buy a few things, but most of them have remained boxed. and I haven't done anything with my already deboxed dolls either.

my search for the perfect catrine has continued. my walmart has actually been stocking her which is a shock. I saw Cupid once and never again, and I was expecting the same here. so every time I go I take a quick glance to see if any of them strike me. I did end up swapping out my wonky-eyed one with a new one, but I still have 2 catrines that I can't decide between. every time I think I've made my decision, I pick the other one up to take downstairs, and then decide I like her better.

on top of that its sdcc reveal week apparently, but mattel is going to save monster high for last, I'm sure of it. after last year's epic fail at distributing the Scarah/Hoodude pack, I was kind of hoping they'd have a better plan ready for this year. too early to tell what will happen at the actual con, but apparently matty collector has changed their policy for what I believe to be worse. any additional stock left after the con will be sold on their site as before, but now they are giving subscribers (to any of their clubs) the ability to buy con items before the general public. which means there will be none left for the general public. which means more enraged fans.

well i started this post 2 days ago and still haven't finished it. i'm going to go ahead and post in the interest of having something new up. hopefully i'll snap out of this funk soon.

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