Friday, May 10, 2013

Scaris suitcase repaints

the Scaris suitcases are a good example of a lack of paint causing the highly detailed sculpts to look boring.

for example: Skelita's suitcase. there is only a little bit of grey paint on the skull on the front.

I used a little black paint to emphasize the quilting, and white paint to bring out all the raised details...

now you can see all the roses and swirls that someone spent a lot of time on. (side note: when I tried to paint the lacy bits it got a little messy. I'll have to go back and clean it up later.)

Jinafire's suitcase suffers from a similar lack of paint. there is only a little bit of goldish paint on the flames at the top of the front of the suitcase.

add some black and gold paint...

now you can see the dragon, scales, and fans, as well as the stud detailing all around the edges. her suitcase has a crazy amount of detail that gets totally lost without any paint.

I repainted these using some cheap acrylic paints I bought at walmart. I do suggest you invest in a nice detail brush though, as it makes it a lot easier to get rid of those brush strokes.

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