Friday, May 17, 2013

Howleen's stuff, painted

Howleen from the Wolf sisters 2 pack came with some cute stuff, that needed a little help in the paint department. first her shoes...

it bothered me that the buckle and chains on her shoes were painted (badly) in yellow. so I repainted them in gold. I think they look much better now.

I was also bothered by the sloppy paint job on the paw print on her backpack.

I tried to paint over the overspray with blue that matched the background color of the backpack. I also put a couple of layers of yellow on the paw print to try to even it out. it looks a little better, but I'm still annoyed by that drip. maybe I'll throw some more yellow on there later.

and just for fun I painted the buckles on the backpack straps blue to add a bit more interest to them.

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