Wednesday, April 3, 2013


recently I've been thinking about repainting some of my dolls and accessories. it started with the Operetta deluxe fashion pack. the included accessories have wonderful molded in details, but the lack of paint pretty much renders them invisible.

so I sat down with my FolkArt and Apple Barrel acrylic paints and embellished them to the best of my limited abilities. I was pleased enough with them for now, and tired of doing touch-ups on all the scratches that were caused by handling. so I took to the BFC forum to ask about removable sealers. I like to think that I will improve over time, so I wanted the ability to remove the paint so I could repaint again later. (I would also like to preserve the factory paint, even if I choose to remove my repaint.) this is when the major confusion hit.

sockmonkey posted that acrylic sealer could be removed with rubbing alcohol, which I had never heard before. I thought this sounded wonderful, since I've never heard about using rubbing alcohol to remove factory paint. but I've since heard that rubbing alcohol does remove paint, or will at least smear it.

BLJinc brought up the point that acrylic paint can stain vinyl, something else I'd never heard before. further research lead to a few mentions of staining, mostly attributed to the cadmium pigmented Liquitex paints, and just reds and blacks in general.

so from this I determined I would need 2 different kinds of sealers- a permanent one to put over the original paint/bare vinyl, and a removable one to go over my repainted areas. I just want the removable one to be scratch resistant, it doesn't have to be water proof or anything fancy. most of the removable ones I can find require turpentine and similar, which I haven't been able to verify as ok or bad for vinyl.

Muff from Hey, It's Muff suggested sealing the original face paint and then using mod podge as a second layer to paint on. the mod podge could be removed by soaking in water. so far this is the closest suggestion to what I have been looking for.

not really sure what to do at this point, other than to start sacrificing dolls to science (which will be expensive, because I will have to buy new dolls since I love all mine). any other info and personal experiences on this matter would be greatly appreciated. I'll update again with any new information I find.

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