Thursday, April 4, 2013

oh Catrine

we made a quick trip to walmart last night, so of course I checked the dolls. we were just there on monday, so I wasn't expecting to find anything. but I was thrilled to see they had restocked, and there were new things!

the first thing I noticed was a Catrine sitting at the front of the shelf. I rummaged to see if there were others, but she was the only one. I looked her over, and her eyes are closer in size than the one I ordered online. I grabbed her up even though I wasn't feeling the initial thrill that I felt when picking up my first Catrine.

determined to leave no box unchecked, I started poking behind the usual Roller Maze Operettas and Ghoulias. to my surprise I saw a Roller Maze Abbey! there were actually several of her there, so I got my pick. I'm mad there wasn't enough sun this morning for pictures, so I can't open her yet.

when I got home I trucked my new dolls up to my craft room. I sat my two Catrines next to each other to compare their eyes. the new one definitely has more even looking eyes (and I confirmed this with some measurements) and they are probably close enough to where I could live with it. but the more I looked at them I realized the eyes were the only thing I liked about the new Catrine.

  • the old Catrine has much nicer hair- it almost looks like the promo photos. new Catrine has terrible helmet hair, and her curls are sloppy.
  • old Catrine has better make-up. the colorings on the two dolls are slightly different, and I prefer the old one. the difference is especially noticeable in the eyeshadow- old Catrine has a nice soft blended pink, where as new Catrine looks like someone gave her a couple of shiners.
  • maybe it's just a result of the different hair stylings, but they look like they have slightly different head shapes, with the old one having a more pleasing shape to my eye.
  • the over-all box presentation of the old Catrine is better. this is not really important since I plan on deboxing one, but it does give the dolls a different vibe.

now I don't know what to do. should I keep the first one with the obviously wonky eye, but better everything else and hope I can fix her with my limited painting skills? or should I keep the second one with the better eyes and worse everything else and hope I can correct her other issues? I can't decide. which means I will probably end up sitting on two disappointing Catrines hoping I can find a third one that I like better.

the double disappointment in Catrine is making me consider returning them both and just living without her. and I'm thinking about returning the Scaris Abbey I bought previously as well. the more I look at her the more "meh" I feel. not to mention the huge disappointment Spectra's Scaris fashion was. disillusionment is on the horizon and I am really dreading it's arrival.

for anyone interested in what else was at my walmart...

  • Scaris: tons of Frankie, 1 Clawdeen, several Draculaura, a few Ghoulia, 2 Abbey.
  • Dance class: 1 Robecca, 1 Lagoona, 2 Operetta.
  • Roller Maze: Ghoulia, Operetta, a few Abbey, 2 Clawdeen.
  • Dot Dead Goregous: 1 Operetta, 2 Spectra, a few Lagoona, several 3 packs.
  • Ghouls Rule: several each Frankie and Draculaura, 1 Clawdeen.
  • Sweet 1600: 2 Draculaura, 1 Clawdeen
  • Picture Day: 1 Abbey, 1 Spectra, a few Draculaura
  • Skull Shores: Ghoulia and I think Draculaura
  • CAMs: several labs, a few each of the nocturnal and mystical packs, 1 bee girl, 1 siren
  • Playsets: several Coffin Bean, several schools, 1 Scaris car, 1 Scaris cafe, 1 Frankie vanity

that's what I am remembering anyways.

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