Wednesday, March 13, 2013

losing enthusiasm

if you've noticed my absence, I feel I owe you an explanation. I have been slowly losing enthusiasm. it started with barbie. last year I thought long and hard about whether I wanted to renew my Barbie Collector membership. ultimately I decided to go for it on account of the new Dolls of the World that were sneaked. other than Katniss, I only bought Dolls of the World last year.

the only thing bringing me back to the club again this year is the Dolls of the World. I can't stand the thought of paying $30+ for a doll that I consider to be worth ~$20 so I used the club coupons to bring the price down.

for a while Monster High was my refuge. it seemed to be getting all of the creativity that barbie was lacking. but recently I've been disappointed with distribution and quality. this brand is a scalper's delight, and Mattel's mismanagement of distribution and volume of releases has made shopping for the dolls anxiety inducing. not going to mention the SDCC issue...

then there's the quality problem. the biggest issue I've run into is the paint. wonky eyes are becoming the norm, and with the spotty distribution it is impossible for me to find dolls in my local stores. so I pretty much get stuck with whatever gets shipped to me from online retailers. Catrine was the last straw with one eye being noticeably larger than the other. so now I have to wait and hope that my walmart will actually stock her so I can try to pick out a better one myself. in the meantime I have to sit and look at a boxed doll that I was so excited about, and then disappointed in.

the sewing has been leaving something to be desired as well. it is becoming quite normal for me to pick apart and resew seams so that the clothes will look the way they are supposed to. both of Operetta's deluxe fashions need resewing. I already fixed the red top, which had one "sleeve" much too wide and the lining was stuck flipped out. the dress I have been avoiding. the bodice/skirt seam is diagonal. I dread working on it because I am not good at gathering, so I know it will take multiple tries like DLaura's Forbitten Romance dress.

with all of the anxiety over being able to find things in stores, and then having to fix them all once I do... collecting isn't really fun anymore.

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