Wednesday, January 23, 2013


my hubby and I made a midweek grocery trip to walmart. of course I dropped by the Monster High section. I wasn't expecting much. last time I went the shelves were pretty bare. I was in for a pleasant surprise.

the first thing I noticed is that the slim box shelf had quite a few dolls on it. I was expecting them to be the same Roller Maze and Skull Shores Ghoulia that had warmed the shelf before Christmas. nope. BOOM. Scaris Abbey, front and center.

as I picked her up I remember seeing a Scaris Draculaura and Dance Class Operetta, but then I glanced down at the "deluxe" shelf and saw Jinafire. Jinafire?! I dropped Abbey back on the shelf and grabbed Jinafire. I poked on the shelf to see how many Scaris deluxe dolls they had. in addition to the Jinafire that I bought, they had 1 Skelita, 1 Rochelle, 2 Frankies, and I'm totally blanking out on the last one, but I think it was a Clawdeen. so it looks like only 1 case-worth of Scaris gals.

I also remember seeing the Scaris cafe playset, and the school from last year. an entire shelf of the walmart exclusive Dot Dead Gorgeous 3-pack, and several of the single DDG dolls. and 1 black friday special Classroom Lagoona that doesn't come with a locker.

I confess I'm not a good reporter- once I saw Jinafire I didn't really look around much.

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