Friday, January 18, 2013

Scaris box liner

sometimes Mattel gets creative with their packaging, and the box liner for the Scaris dolls is one of them.

whenever the dolls first came out I kept reading about all the "easter eggs" that were hidden on the box liner. no one ever posted pictures of the specific things they were talking about. it drove me nuts! so now that I have a Scaris doll of my own, I'm posting close-ups.

starting on the far left is Ghoulia's scooter. it is under the tree about even with the second level of the Eiffel tower.

Scaris Deuce is the most difficult to see. he is on the right side of the second level of the tower, just under the buildings. since he is riding on a skooter, it is speculated that it will later be added to the Scaris line. anyone else betting on a store exclusive with Deuce doll included?

to the left of the Gargoyle dude and straight down from the pillar is Day at the Maul Frankie's silhouette. there are two others with her, but I am having more trouble identifying them. I am thinking Ghouls Rule Cleo and CAM werecat?

let me know if there are any easter eggs I missed, or if you figure out who the other two silhouettes belong to. :-)

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