Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Monster High Classrooms Lockers

one of my favorite parts of the classrooms sets is the included lockers. these things have tons of details. I'd probably buy a bunch of them if they were available separately on a Mattel website. they'd be great for dioramas.

inside the locker is two shelves dividing the interior into 3 smaller spaces. on the door there is a hook for hanging things, which is a nice and unexpected detail.

each locker comes with a tiny skull shaped lock, like in the webisodes. the locks can open and close. there is a loop of plastic on the main part of the locker and hole on the door, so the locker can be closed, and then "locked" like a real locker. the best detail? the skull has three teeth that are actually round like combination lock spinners!

a neat thing about these lockers can be seen looking at the top and bottom of them. the top has a raised up "MH" and the bottom has an identical indented "MH".

at first glance this seems odd, and just like they wanted to throw another Monster High brand reference in. but once I had two of them out of package I realized...

...they can be stacked together. the MH's make a nice sturdy connection between the two lockers. this was a genius idea, and major props to Mattel for thinking of it. (also on the picture above you can see the front of a locker, which I had forgotten to take a separate picture of. you can see the molded in vents on the front, just like a real locker.)

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