Wednesday, January 2, 2013

gross: Leaky Head Syndrome

Barbie has her sticky legs, and the Monster High dolls have what I am calling "Leaky Head Syndrome." this problem is also intermittent, so you never know which dolls will be leaking, or how severe it will be.

below I have two box liners for dolls that I purchased at the same time (from Amazon, of course). on the left side is Mad Science Lagoona. you can see that what ever substance is leaking out of her head has caused some discoloration to the cardboard liner she is attached to. on the right side I have an arrow pointing to the spot where Physical Deaducation Ghoulia's head was attached- no discoloration.

the substance has an oily or waxy feel. while I have not noticed it causing discoloration to the dolls' hair, it does noticeably affect the texture, feel, and styleability of the hair. I have noticed some of my dolls that did not have leakage on their box liners have started leaking when I stored them lying down.

I don't know what this substance is. I've heard that it is the glue that is used to hold the dolls' hair in. now I wonder at what point the ghouls will start going bald. if the glue is leaking out now, it can't be doing a very good job holding the hair in, can it?


  1. My Gloom Beach Frankie has this glue problem too. A while back I picked her up after leaving her displayed and her hair felt greasy and really nasty to the touch. I ended up washing her hair and that did seem to help, but it still feels not as nice as it should be.

    1. sorry to hear you are having this problem too. :-(

      my wave 1 Clawdeen had super nasty feeling hair straight out of the box, but there wasn't any signs of leakage so I assumed she just had a different kind of hair. but my obviously leaking werecat twins' hair feels the same way, so Clawdeen probably had LHS from the beginning.

      how do you wash doll hair? do you use any kind of soap/shampoo/detergent/etc?

  2. Hi,

    I call this issue "Glue Head Syndrome", and it has effected SO many dolls that I have, including two Mexican My Scene dolls, circa 2009, or so, and a TON of Monster High dolls with gummy, disgustingly-textured hair! EW!

    I think that the hair might actually be rooted, because I've read that the glue was ONLY used to STABILIZE the hair / the inside of the heads, but I'm not sure.

    There are about 10, or so heads lying around in my room, and they need to be treated....with cornstarch (Fill the head, leave the starch inside of the head for awhile, shake the head, put starch on the hair, brush the glue out, etc.) I am just afraid that the hair colors will lighten severely....

    Peppermint Snowdrift

    1. hi Peppermint Snowdrift! thanks for the tip to use cornstarch, I will have to try it out. I don't think that the cornstarch can bleach the hair in any way, but it may look lighter until you wash it out. but I guess washing it out would let the grease problem come back.

      do you have any tips for how to get Monster High heads off without breaking the neck pegs? I have been afraid to try since I know they use the similar pronged pegs to what Barbie uses. those worry me a lot, and Barbie's neck is a lot sturdier than the Monsters' are.