Monday, December 31, 2012

Create-a-Monster body

it finally occurred to me that I never showed how the Create-a-Monster (CAM) bodies go together. and that's kind of the whole point of the sets. oops. please excuse the wild color imbalances between the photos. I'll try to make sure I specify which ones are true to life color. the CAM werewolf is my helper for most of these pictures.

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I think the bodies are well designed, and I kind of wish they would use them for the regular dolls as well, especially the knee joints. some of the fashions would be a lot easier to put on the dolls if they had more removable limbs like the CAMs do.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Operetta deluxe fashion, review

I was really excited when I saw the deluxe fashion packs that are out. Operetta's deluxe fashion set was one of my favorites. they come in the new bubble packaging for fashions with a background that mimics the closet background of the I Love fashion series.

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The Bottom Line:

The Good: excellent details, good mix/match potential

The Bad: earrings are kind of small, only 1 pair of shoes

The Verdict: Operetta's deluxe fashion set is one of the very best fashion sets in the series, and really one of the best ever. if you enjoy redressing your dolls, this is worth a buy. even if you don't, the packaging is kind of cute and would still make an interesting display piece.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Create-a-Monster Gargoyle and Vampire boys starter set: review

continuing in the Create-a-Monster line is the first set of boys, Gargoyle and Vampire Boy. I'm sure you've already noticed how under represented the male gender is at Monster High, at least as far as the dolls are concerned, so it's nice to have a couple more guys to round out the student body.

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The Bottom Line:

The Good: more monster boys!

The Bad: poor quality wig, only one pair of shoes

The Verdict: if you want some more guys for your Monster High collection, the Gargoyle and Vampire Boy starter set is a good way to get them.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Create-a-Monster Triclops girl add-on: review

another add-on pack for the Create-a-Monster line is the "Three Eyed Ghoul," or Triclops. please note that "add-on" means that you will not get enough pieces to make an entire monster, so you will need to buy a "starter set." the back of the box shows the other add-ons and starter sets included in this wave.

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The Bottom Line:

The Good: beautiful new character, cute character-neutral fashion

The Bad: incomplete body, wig does not fit

The Verdict: I love the Three Eyed Ghoul. she's beautiful, and makes a unique fill-in for my Monster High class. if you can live with the caveats, she's worth checking out.