Saturday, July 14, 2012

*sad trombone*

I had high hopes for this week- it was both the Barbie Collector's Convention and Comic Con, both of which promised sneaks of upcoming Mattel dolls. unfortunately both left me disappointed.

I'm not really sure what I expected from Barbie Collector, but I do know that nothing they showed really appealed to me. I do not collect the Holiday Hostess line (not a fan of the vintage face), so this year's Christmas themed one was going to have to really wow me, but it didn't. the doll for the Fuschia N Fur Francie (the first black Francie made in the silkstone material) is pretty, but I don't much care for her outfit. also, I don't collect silkstones.

this year's Bob Mackie doll is Brazilian Banana Bonanza. it's definitely a Mackie and by far the most unique and interesting doll shown, but much too outrageous for my tastes (like most Mackies). the final doll is what was billed as a "gothic Halloween doll" known only as Ghost. this is probably my favorite because she reminds me of Galadriel, and I am a huge Lord of the Rings fan. I guess it will really come down to the price though.

Comic Con promised new reveals for the Monster High lines. last year they held a vote for who would become a doll between the Headless Headmistress, backgrounder Scarah, and never-before-seen daughter of Arachne. Scarah won the vote and was made into this year's Comic Con exclusive, along with HooDude, who is apparently her best friend. last year they also revealed dolls of Nefera and Toralei, both of which already had their own fans.

this year, the very first reveal was... Headless Headmistress. I'm in the annoyed camp that she will be more widely produced and available than Scarah, who actually won the vote. huge screw-up in my opinion.

day 2 brought us superhero themed Clawdeen and Spectra dolls. they just look silly and cheap. the final reveal was highly anticipated. there was much speculation as to who it would be. basic Gil? Heath? Slo-Moe? or maybe Arachne? ...but it was Caterine DeMew. wait, who? yeah. she's pretty enough, but its hard to get excited about a doll for a new character when there are so many well established and loved characters that don't have dolls yet.

hopefully there will be surprises down the road, but I can't help feeling disappointed at these missed opportunities.

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