Friday, June 22, 2012

omg, MORE?!?!?!

reposting this on 10/17/13. removed dead link. and everything is out now already. also fixed sloppy html

I have been trying very hard to keep this blog kid-friendly, but Mattel is driving me nuts.  when I checked various fan sites this morning, all I could do was curse.  they are putting out even more Monster High stuff.  I'm not sure if all of it will be coming out this year, but since nearly everything that we knew about before has hit the stores now, it's a pretty good likelihood that at least some of the following will be available by the holiday season.

  • It's Alive! (characters released with an action feature- seems gimmicky to me)
  • Scaris (some of the characters travel to Paris.  looks like there will be another car and at least 1 playset in this line. AND AT LEAST 2 NEW CHARACTERS)
  • more beds and vanities
  • deluxe fashion sets (doll with extra fashions)
  • at least 2 new CAM sets (both girls, so far)
  • dance class assortment?
  • classic accessory assortment?

some of the new stuff can be seen here: [dead link removed, the site now only features an obscene image]

I am exhausted.

some good news though... Mattel is going to be re-releasing a few of the basic dolls, so  I am hoping I will be able to catch up on ones that I previously missed.  now if only they would re-release the Dawn of the Dance dolls....

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