Sunday, May 27, 2012

Create-a-Monster Seamonster and Vampire starter set, review

I'm not really sure how I should go about reviewing the Create-a-Monster sets, but I'll give it a go. when the CAM sets first came out there was quite an uproar about Mattel only including 1 torso, but enough other pieces to build 2 monsters. let me point out that this has been rectified, and now both ghouls in the Vampire-Sea Monster Starter Set have a color matching torso included.

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The Bottom Line:

The Good: customizable characters with unique, never before seen parts

The Bad: only 1 wig and pair of shoes

The Verdict: for the price (approximately the same as a basic doll) the Vampire-Sea Monster Starter Set is a good deal, especially considering the uniqueness of the seamonster character. also having the ability to make your own custom Monster High characters is a really fun idea.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

why, Mattel? WHY?!

well, apparently while I was on vacation this week, Mattel released information about a bunch of new dolls that will be coming out this year. and nearly all of them are exclusives. which means that they will be nearly impossible to find at my local stores.

for example: the Monster High Walmart exclusive Cupid doll... that came out at the end of November in most stores. I didn't see any until the beginning of May.

I don't understand why Mattel has decided to release so many exclusives, especially knowing what a hard time people are having finding non-exclusives that are supposed to be in abundance in every store!

here's the run-down as I have heard (read) it...

  • college football cheerleaders--Walmart exclusive, also to be sold on
  • Dolls of the World, Hawaii--Walmart exclusive, also to be sold on
  • Dolls of the World, Brazil--ONLY AVAILABLE IN BRAZIL!
  • 2012 Holiday Doll (brunette)--Kmart exclusive
Monster High:
  • Coffin Bean set with Draculuara--Costco exclusive
  • Clawdeen in latest fashion pack--Kohl's exclusive
  • Operetta in latest fashion pack--Kohl's exclusive
  • Dead Tired wave 2 (including Clawdeen, Draculaura, and Abbey)--Kmart exclusive
  • Roller Maze Abbey (available only in 2-pack with Ghoulia)--Kmart exclusive
  • Skull Shores Cleo, Clawdeen, and color Frankie (available in a 5-pack with Draculaura and Ghoulia)--Target exclusive
  • Scary Tales (including Draculaura, Frankie, and Clawdeen)--Target exclusive
  • Draculaura with Powder room set--Toys'R'Us exclusive
  • Ghoulia with skooter set--Toys'R'Us exclusive
  • Dot Dead Gorgeous Abbey, Ghoulia, and Draculaura (3-pack)--Walmart exclusive
  • Roadster with Draculaura--JCPenney exclusive (say whaaat???)

and in the case of Monster High, a lot of these "new" exclusives are packaged with dolls or sets that have already been released. I guess they didn't learn from the previous outrage with the Dawn of the Dance and Gloom Beach multi-pack exclusives. collecting is supposed to be fun, not frustrating.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

C.A. Cupid walmart exclusive: review

as part of the Sweet 1600 line of dolls that celebrates Draculaura's birthday (which is on Valentine's day), walmart has an exclusive doll- C.A. Cupid, daughter of Eros. [edit 6/22: I've heard that there will be a re-release of Cupid as a basic doll with a diary. not sure if it will also be an exclusive or if it will be more widely available. will update as I find more information.] she comes in the Sweet 1600 packaging that features a heart cutout window.

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The Bottom Line:

The Good: unique character with awesome details. another Greek mythology-based character

The Bad: some small parts

The Verdict: as of right now, this is the only version of Cupid (and she's an exclusive), so if you want one of every character you are going to want to grab one if you see it. she seems to be a purpose created character only for the TV special, and has not been featured in any of the webisodes that I can recall, so it seems unlikely that they will make another version of her any time soon.