Friday, April 13, 2012

Skull Shores Frankie: Review

This year Mattel is making every 13th special for Monster High, and Fridays 13th are extra special. today was no exception. they released a "limited edition" Monster High Skull Shores Black and White Frankie Stein Doll to accompany their release of Escape from Skull Shores on TV. (I put "limited edition" in quotes because there does not seem to be any scarcity of the doll, and I haven't seen any production numbers.) as part of the promotion, Frankie was offered for the price of $4.13 today only (get it $4.13... 4/13...), so expect her to retail around the same price as other Skull Shores dolls after today. [Update 7/13: she is selling for $7.13 today only!]

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The Bottom Line:

The Good: great value at promo price. a much cheaper, and easier to find, B&W Frankie.

The Bad: small parts. no accessories.

The Verdict: Skull Shores Black and White Frankie is a beautiful doll, and probably the closest any of us will get to the much coveted 2010 SDCC Frankie Stein. the promotional price is fantastic, but I don't think she would be a good value at the regular Skull Shores doll price.

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