Thursday, April 12, 2012

Operetta: hair restyle

I know I promised weeks ago that I would do a post about restyling Operetta's hair. here it is finally.

here are the tools I used: aluminium foil, knitting needles, fine-toothed comb (I used a mustache comb I stole from my hubby), and some twisty-ties. you'll also need a small glass of cold water.

so there's a picture of Operetta with the tools, and her Fail Rolls already brushed out. there is a ton of gel in her hair, which is good, because we need some to remain in her hair to hold the new style. if you have already washed out all the gel, you'll probably need some sort of hairspray or styling gel.

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Update 6/25: well, this is the point I have been stuck at for quite some time. a few days after this I unrolled her hair and saw some improvement over her original style. I was going to tweak it a bit more and then take photos to show the "after" style. unfortunately a well-meaning relative was checking Operetta out before I got a chance to take the photos and she ended up laying on her side and totally crushed her hair. :-(

I'll do another post whenever I am able to get her looking good again. I don't think my gal has enough of the factory gel left in her hair, so if you have any suggestions on what product I can use, I would appreciate a tip!

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