Thursday, April 19, 2012

deboxing Room to Howl

wow, another deboxing ordeal. apparently you have to completely open and flatten the Room to Howl box in order to get everything out of it. I tried to label everything in the photo above, but I'll walk through it anyways.

when I first got this set, I just wanted to debox Clawdeen and worry about the actual bunkbeds later. so I tried to open the side next to the little plastic window (labeled "doll") to slide her out. no go. the liner she is attached to is glued all around the window, so I had to use my trusty pocket knife to separate it from the rest of the box.

by the time I got her out, I had already opened up the side and the back, so I decided to just debox everything since at this point it would be less mess and hassle than trying to get the box to go back together.

the actual beds were wrapped in tissue paper which kept them nicely separated from the rest of the mess. the 3 sides of the bed came preassembled and it was wedged in the box pretty good between the actual box walls and that white bit of cardboard on the left that contained the other pieces of the bed.

the plastic bag held all the little accessories and the skull knobs that go on top of the bed posts. after searching everywhere for the "bead curtain" that goes on the back side of the bed, I finally noticed the piece of cardboard taped to the very back of the box (at the top of the photo). the bead curtain was taped very securely behind it. this is not a fragile piece, so I don't think it warranted that.

by the time I got the whole thing out and assembled I could hardly look at it. I really dislike packaging that is so difficult to open.

PS: please excuse the terrible mess. I am only good at organizing tiny doll stuff. :-/

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