Sunday, February 26, 2012

now I want a Meijer even more

so it's kind of funny because Friday night I was just thinking about how there still isn't any Monster High or Barbies locally... and then I went to Meijer last night. it was even the sort of crappy one, and it was the best stocked store I've been to recently.

they had a whole peg of Skull Shores Ghoulia's and 3 of the Draculaura. I snatched up a Draculaura. I've been in love with her sailor uniform inspired outfit since I saw the promo. there were also several cases worth of wave 1 Dawn of the Dance dolls. I wonder if that means they will do another run of wave 2, or if they just overproduced wave 1 by that many.

they also had a lone Classroom Lagoona that I carried around for a while. in the end I put her back because her eyes looked a little off to me and the shirt of the locker outfit was not well sewn.

I also saw the new fashionistas. I've been hoping to get a look at Raquel in person. I like everything about her but her mouth. maybe it's the open smile, or the too-pale lipstick... something's just not doing it for me.

but I did find something that I've been searching for for nearly a year. ARCHITECT BARBIE!

sorry, I was really excited to see her. she came home with me too. I didn't really get a good look at the other "I can be" dolls there, but I do remember there was Actress and Fashion Designer. some very nice person had arranged them so that each peg only had one profession on it, and my OCD was thrilled.

speaking of OCD, just before Meijer I went to Toys'R'Us. I guess to be honest, they were fairly well stocked this time too, but their prices are just too high for my budget.

for Monster high they had 1 each of the Classroom dolls. at least a dozen Skull Shores Ghoulia's and a lone Skull Shores Abbey. it killed me to leave her behind, but I just can't let myself pay the same amount for a swimsuit doll as I did for her basic. they had 1 Lagoona hydration station and a few Clawdeen bunkbeds. a few fear-leader 3 packs, and a few of Draculaura's car.

the Monster High section was such a mess that I had to organize it while I was looking. there was a lady looking at the Bieber dolls next to me, who seemed a little taken aback by my frantic organizing of the shelves. well, there are worse habits to have.

ever since they added the enlarged baby section (which now takes up more than half of the store) the Barbie section has gotten smaller and smaller. it was really well stocked with the bigger sets like the camper and puppy pool. I kind of just cruised through to the collector area in my search for Jack Sparrow. still no luck on that front, but apparently the Twilight groom doll is out already. other than that, nothing new really. I left empty-handed.

hopefully this is a sign that the other stores will be restocking soon too. otherwise I guess I'll just have to do all my shopping in the city from now on.

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