Thursday, February 9, 2012

Draculaura's Forbitten Romance dress

before, and after:

on the left here you see Draculaura's dress as it came out of the box. you will notice that the border between the white-with-hearts fabric and the black latticed fabric is distinctly crooked. this really bothered me, so I set out to fix it. I thought it would just be a quick redo of that one seam, but it ended up being more involved.

after taking out the offending seam, I noticed the fabric was fraying like heck, so I ended up employing a fair bit of liquid stitch. after resewing the seam a couple of times, I realized that the whole black lattice panel was also crooked, so I ended up having to completely detach it. which also required the removal of the yellow "buttons" and a fair bit more liquid stitch.

as it turns out, the white-with-hearts section was not only sewn crooked, but cut crooked. so after complete disassembly I was able to line up the pieces properly and resew everything straight. I like the way it looks much better now. not sure if I will add the "buttons" back on or not. right now I'm kind of tired of looking at this thing.

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