Friday, January 6, 2012

starting to see some new dolls around here

Tonight we made our weekly WalMart run for groceries. Of course I stopped off in the doll department to have a look around! I was pretty excited heading in there because the website was showing a lot of new things in stock- all the Create-a-Monster sets, the Sweet 1600 dolls, and the new Barbie sister sets.

Well, there were a few new things, but I left empty handed. I am going to have to start my weekly check of the doll section that I put on hiatus after Thanksgiving. Hopefully there will be a lot of new stock soon.

Anyways, now for the stuff everyone is actually interested in:

  • Stardoll- closed mouth blonde, one "fallen angel", no accessory sets :-(
  • I Can Be- no architect still but lots of dancing/cooking/acting ones
  • all 4 new Dolls of the World. Argentina is still my fave
  • Sweet 1600 Roadster- I believe this was $22 something
  • Create-a-Monster- werewolf/dragon, 3-eyed ghoul, and I think the bee
  • Cleo's vanity- this was $19.84 (I remember because that was my birth year!). this set is really cute and I will probably be buying it in the future, but I need to find some more shelves first!

I didn't see any Monster High dolls, and the only fashion packs were the Deuce Scream Spirit ones. But if they're stocking the Roadster they'll probably get the 1600 dolls in soon too, and I can check them out.

No Barbie sister sets either. No new fashionistas. No Asian ballerina. I really don't have a whole lot of hope for the Barbie section of my store. They've taken out the collector dolls, and really don't seem to move a whole lot of stock other than the fashionistas. I'll have to plan a trip to Target soon.

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