Sunday, January 29, 2012

collecting frustrations

I live in a pretty small town, so my shopping choices are pretty limited. store exclusives are the bane of my collecting existence, because I will never be able to find them in my area. that leaves ordering online. unfortunately it now seems that last year's exclusives are no longer being sold online.

actually, there were a lot of things that I intended to buy last year, but was never able to find, or saw once, didn't buy, and never saw again, and now they aren't available on the internet anymore either. I am really bad about that. I have big issues with feeling like I don't deserve to spend money on myself.

I guess this entry is turning into a bit of a whine-fest, sorry about that.

First major miss-out I had last year was Jack Sparrow. he sold out on much much faster than I anticipated. I saw him once in a Target, put him back because I was shopping with my mom and she does not approve of my doll habit, and never saw him again. not available anywhere at retail price anymore.

as far as exclusives, the big one is the Monster High Dawn of the Dance 3-pack from walmart. it had Frankie and Clawdeen, which were previously released separately, plus Draculaura. saw once in my local store, but didn't buy due to budget concerns. saw again once in the city, didn't buy because it was too close to Christmas and my budget was even smaller. no longer available online.

actually, other than Cleo, the one doll in the line I have zero interest in, I've only ever seen each of them once. I am hoping that at least the Lagoona and Deuce dolls will be available again. not holding my breath.

I'm also really annoyed that clearanced the jeans basics so quickly. I wanted 2, 5, and 11. never saw 2 or 11 in store. I think I might have seen 5 once, but she had a wonky eye, so I didn't buy her. too bad I don't like the massively overproduced Steffie's.

I love the town I live in, but it is terrible for collecting!


  1. Ugh...I can empathize. Our main toy seller here in out town of <20,000 is Wal-Mart. So we never saw a single Basic on the shelf until Big Lots got them in. And most of the collectors' dolls don't ever show up here. At least our 'Mart keeps in a decent selection of Monster High.

    1. sorry you have to go through this too. the wal-mart here in town had a good selection of the LBD basics, but around the time the jeans ones came out, we lost our collector's section. we do have a k-mart in town also, but it has a "going out of business" sale every few months and really doesn't seem to have anything well stocked.