Sunday, November 27, 2011

Toralei Review

I was lucky enough to be on Amazon looking at Monster High dolls at one of the brief moments that Toralei Stripe was available at retail price, so I snapped her up. Right now she is super hard to find, so your best bet is to keep checking online retailers.

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The Bottom Line:

The Good: unique character, clever details, eye-catching villainess

The Bad: some small parts, tail does not stay on, currently hard to find

The Verdict: Toralei Stripe is an awesome doll and is sure to stand out in your collection and be a big hit with your kids.


  1. Aaahhhh, you are so lucky to have the original Toralei!!!!! I want her badly.
    I had to settle for the fearleading Toralei but it isn't the same.
    I also want Clawdeen's room to howl but it's so expensive now. Curse those scalpers

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  3. Lol, sorry I accidentally double posted

  4. hi Sunny_Harper1994! getting Toralei really was lucky. that was the only time I saw her for retail price online, and I never saw her in stores. I really like her edgy look, but she goes tail-less here because I can't get the darn thing to stay on! I've heard the fearleading one has the werecat twin body, so at least your gal will get to keep her tail!

    last year there was a rumor that Toralei was one of the dolls that was going to see a rerelease. I hope she is and you are able to get one!