Saturday, November 5, 2011

the icky stickies

this week was a bit of a frustration for me and my dolls. I had heard something a long while back about the 2009 Then and Now Barbies developing Sticky Leg Syndrome. Thursday I decided to check my lady's legs again, and sure enough, they were sticky.

I had never been terribly fond of her outfit anyways, and I haven't really grown to love the head of the Barbie from the She Said Yes giftset. So I set about beheading TnN so I could dump her body before it got gross. It certainly isn't as easy as it used to be. I remember when I was a kid in the late 80s/early 90s Barbie's head was easily pulled off by my little brother, leaving my dollhouse looking like the set from a slasher film when I got home from school.

I tried just easing it off by rocking and twisting it back and forth, which didn't get me very far. I ended up running her head under warm water and then jamming a pocket knife blade up into the tabs. Eventually it popped off. I set her beside the sink so her hair could dry, and left her body on the counter. I should just throw it away, but my OCD is making that difficult.

Well, this morning the dog was being really obnoxious about barking at the neighbors. So in my bleary half asleep state I shut her in the bathroom, completely forgetting that Barbie Antoinette was still in there. Interestingly enough, she left the body alone. I wonder if the sticky legs smell bad and she knew to avoid them. Instead she pulled down the head and curled up with it on the bath mat. Fortunately Barbie survived with nothing more than mussed hair and a gross slobber facial.

My next victim will be SSY. TnN will get her body, and much cuter and more accurate swimsuit, and her man. I'll keep the extra head around for a while anyways. I'm thinking about starting an egg carton to put extra heads in (I'm probably going to end up with a lot once I get up the courage to go through my childhood dolls) like someone on In the Pink did. I thought that was an awesome and hilarious idea.

I was in for yet another sticky surprise though. While rearranging my display I decided to move Carol Ferris to the sitting group. As usual her boots were slipping off, so I went to adjust them. One of them was slightly sticky. The other one was perfectly fine though. I'm not really sure what to make of this. I might try giving it a wash to see if that helps.

It upsets me that this is still a problem. Actually, I would say that it is worse, because my childhood dolls took almost 10 years to get sticky. TnN is less than 3. The boots aren't even 1 yet. If anyone has suggestions on how to combat this problem, please share!

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