Friday, October 7, 2011

Abbey on Order

This morning I was able to order Abbey Bominable.

Tuesday evening she showed as in stock, but by the time I was able to try to order her she sold out. Today she went from in stock, to order soon!, to estimated stock date Oct 9, to sold out in an hour. I don't think any previous Monster High doll has been this popular, not even Ghoulia. I am thrilled to finally have one secured for myself, since I have not seen one here in the wild yet. Of course now that I have ordered one I will find dozens of her in stores this weekend!

Once she gets here she will be the top of the debox list, so hopefully I'll have a review of her up within a week. I am still working on a couple of other reviews, so they should be up soon as well. Some dolls are terribly hard to photograph!

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