Thursday, September 8, 2011

collection update

just thought I would check in to let you all know what's going on here in the queendom...

I was naughty and ordered the 2.5 basics. they are beautiful, and I don't regret it. probably that would have been my only chance to get them "on sale" as I imagine they will sell out soon. still haven't bought any of the accessory packs. I keep looking for them in stores, but they still only have the 1.0 sets in stock. I wonder if the new ones are getting snapped up.

went to walmart today to pick up a few groceries, so of course I checked the doll section. it looks like my local store will no longer be carrying collector barbies. they still had the holiday barbie, but all the others had been moved to the "clearance" section. it looks like they are expanding the "I can be..." section, so maybe I'll finally find the computer engineer and architect I have been looking for.

that nice big display they had of Monster High merchandise is now nerf and hot wheels. the monsters now have an end cap in the "boys" part of the toy section, and a little shelf space in the baby doll aisle. I hope walmart doesn't get rid of them too. it's really the only good store I have access to during the week.

I did see a few new Monster High dolls though. they had DotD Deuce, and a couple of the Ghoulias. I think Deuce is on the buy list now. he's really cute. I like that they did something different with his snake-hawk. still no sign of Abbey. oh! I did see a Spectra a couple of weeks ago at a different walmart, but she's not really appealing to me at the moment. I like her clothes, and I think her eyes are neat, but the sunken cheeks and pseudo duck-face... not so much.

as far as dolls I already had at home, I finally finished deboxing my jean basic 4. I really do love her face. I think her jeans are going to require a little work though. they were sewn very tightly at the ankles and rather baggy in the thighs. I think (hope!) this will be an easy fix of just relocating a seam.

speaking of fixing seams, I'm going to have to do the same thing with Forbitten Romance Draculaura's dress. the front panel got sewn on crooked and kind of makes her look lop-sided. I think I will do some other adjustments once I have it apart, to try to make the butt-ruffle less huge.

I think that Draculaura will be moving out soon. I put her next to my regular Draculaura, and regular D just looked better to me. even when I switched their clothes, regular D made FRD's dress look better than she did. poor girl, I haven't even finished her review yet.

so once she's gone, I will have only one of each character, and D will have the most extensive wardrobe so far with 3 outfits. I think I will have to amend this rule though, and keep more than one of each as long as they are sufficiently different from each other.

I've taken a lot of pictures recently, but I just haven't gotten them off the camera yet. they will probably all require some color correction as the light in my craft/doll room is not very good. poor Draculaura looks orange in some of them. I hope to get them posted soon. stab me with a barbie hand if I take too long!

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