Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Carol Ferris: Green Lantern Barbie Review

To be honest with you, Carol Ferris was a nightmare to photograph in her box. It mimics action figure boxes, and has a more flexible plastic. This lead to slight ripples that distorted the images and made her look like Quasimodo in most of the photographs.

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The Bottom Line:

The Good: beautiful doll, good sculpts, good accessories, articulated

The Bad: not actually a pivotal body, box plastic doesn't display well

The Verdict: if you are a fan of the character Carol Ferris I recommend picking her up. As an exclusive she will only get harder to find. She is pretty enough that if you like having dolls to redress and pose she would be a good addition to your collection. If you prefer to keep your dolls NRFB I suggest you pass on this one.

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