Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Barbie's Pandorica

oh goodness. If you are one of those people like me who like to save doll boxes in as nice a shape as you can... Carol Ferris makes this difficult.

There's the aftermath of the deboxing.

Step 1: slit tape and glue down both sides and across bottom of the box. this should allow the back of the box to lift away, remaining hinged at the top. (this is a single piece of cardboard that has been folded in half.

Step 2: slice through a little more glue under the clear plastic tabs to allow the front plastic panel to lift off, also remaining hinged at the top.

Step 3: now you get to do a bunch of tape slicing around the green tabs. once all this is done you should be able to poke the tabs through the cardboard so that you can access the T-ties that secure her to the packaging. I left mine hinged at the bottom.

Step 4: whip out your trusty scissors and start clipping those T-ties. there are 3 (yes, three!!!) of these going into the back of her head, and 2 more that hold the strip sewn into her hair down. there are a few others along with some clear rubberbands around her arms and boots.

Step 5: she comes with a U waist stand. the post can be easily slipped out after fiddling with some more rubber bands. to get at the base you have to slit some more tape along the cardboard backing.

Step 6: remove the hair strip and a few tiny T-ties that are holding her costume in place for shipping.

I think that about covers it. By the end of the ordeal the box resembled a opened Swiss Army knife. After that Ms Ferris had to have a long time-out.


  1. Hahaha...nice Doctor Who shout-out. (Are you going to buy the new 1:6 DW figures? They're going to be pricey, but look like they'll be worth it!) And yes, Mattel goes to crazy lengths to keep their dolls firmly in place in their packaging!

    Just followed your link over from ITP! Nice blog, and I look forward to following it.

    Kitty in IN

  2. hi, and welcome!

    I had not heard about the 1:6 DW figures, so thank you for mentioning them! I just looked them up. I could only find pics of 11th doctor, but wow is he amazing. I am going to have to start playing the lottery!