Wednesday, August 17, 2011

SDCC 2011 DeadFast Ghoulia: Review

well, Ghoulia won the dolly debox battle. I know some people will think I'm crazy for deboxing her since she's an exclusive, but personally I can't bond with a doll through plastic and cardboard.

Ghoulia arrived with this black outer box that features a picture of her in total fangirl freakout over zombie superhero DeadFast. The other sides of the box just have black/grey background designs on them, but I can take pictures if anyone wants me to.

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The Bottom Line:

The Good: It is flippin' adorable! awesome accessories.

The Bad: some small parts. will probably be increasingly difficult to find. there are a few available from Amazon here.

The Verdict: For me, she was a must-have. I know that if you get her you will not be disappointed.


  1. Great review. I am not a collector of Monster High Dolls, but I do enjoy seeing their pictures. This set is adorable.

  2. thanks, glad you liked it. :-) this set is definitely my favorite. I'm glad I was able to snag her.

    also, the 2.5 basics are on their way here. I guess you are my official DAA sponsor now. lol