Monday, August 1, 2011

Impatiently Awaiting

A couple of hours ago some the extra San Diego Comic Con dolls became available for purchase at Matty Collector, so after battling their very swamped website I was able to order the DeadFast Ghoulia Yelps Monster High doll and Carol Ferris Barbie doll.

I'm really excited about DeadFast Ghoulia. I've seen lots of pictures of her posted by collectors lucky enough to go to SDCC, and she looks like a ton of fun. It looks like Mattel went the extra mile on her accessories.

I am hoping that Carol Ferris will be as pretty as her promo shots were. There haven't been very many pictures posted of her, so I am a little nervous about having purchased her. She has the same headmold of one of my favorite Barbie Basics models (Jeans #14, Louboutin/Glimmer) so I have a good feeling about her. Plus her flightsuit is just awesome looking.

I'll get some reviews up once they arrive.

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