Thursday, July 21, 2011

"Why are we so hard to dress?"

I'd like to know that too, Draculaura...

I've read a lot of complaints from parents about their children's Monster High dolls breaking. Until now I just figured their children were playing too roughly with the dolls. In the process of trying to change Draculaura into her Day at the Maul fashion, I became afraid that I would break her.

I had to pull rather hard to get her issue boots off. This process was made easier by warming her lower leg, so perhaps a heating pad is in my future. Her legs ended up getting pulled out of the hip sockets, which was easy enough to pop back in, but I can see how an impatient child would grab her foot with one hand and her torso with the other and do some damage.

Her appropriately named "tights" were also difficult to get on. Once on they look very nice, but I would have rathered they were made from a more stretchy material than being this fitted.

If anyone has any tips on how to remove her arms, I would appreciate them. I pulled on either side of her elbow in an attempt to remove her forearm. I was exerting what I consider to be a lot of force for such a small object and stopped in fear it would snap.

Other than the issues that have arisen trying to change their clothes, the dolls appear to be very sturdy. I hope there is some trick to them that will make it easier.

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