Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lagoona Blue: Review

For my second Monster High doll, I wanted to make sure I got my favorite character from the webisodes, Lagoona Blue (The webisodes can be viewed on the Monster High youtube channel.) How can you not fall in love with an Aussie-sounding monster from Down Under (the sea!) ?

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The Bottom Line

The Good: adorable, and unique even among the Monster High dolls.

The Bad: some small parts.

The Verdict: Now that I have her, I think that the Lagoona Blue Doll might be my favorite. All of the little details add up to make her a really great doll. If you get her you will NOT be disappointed.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Clawdeen Wolf: Review

I have been very excited about the Monster High dolls for months, but I have finally gotten my first one: Monster High Clawdeen Wolf Doll [Edit: rereleased as: Original Favorites Clawdeen in the newer coffin packaging] This is the first version of the doll, and may be discontinued soon. Currently there are a few different box versions that are out. There is the very first issue box which I have pictured below. A second issue that has the same box but with clawed hands instead of the standard Monster High splayed finger hands. And a new box style (that no longer looks like those charming trapper-keepers from the days of yore) with the clawed hands.

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The Bottom Line:

The Good: unique doll, with an adorable take on the classic werewolf monster.

The Bad: tiny jewelry parts, cat Crescent is softer plastic, and may not hold up well to rough play.

The Verdict: Monster High Clawdeen Wolf Doll has been the most popular in the series thus far, even outside of the realm of doll-enthusiasts. As such, she has been more difficult to find, so if you are interested in her you should grab her up quick!